The Dunne Family Ancestry

Call forward the strength of your ancestry and connect with your roots. 

We are the sum total of an incredible history. There is a signature within us that is also within those who came before us, closely interwoven with who we are today. We carry the influences from their culture, tradition, success, pain, and wisdom. On their shoulders we stand.

Nola Marie Walsh

Nola Marie Walsh

August 7, 1901 - June 3, 1966

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Walter Joseph Dunne

Walter Joseph Dunne

October 30, 1900 - June 22, 1966

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The Classic Photographs

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Thaddeus Aquinus Dunne (Tad)
"Dunne's Cookie Company,
which crumb do you want?"
– Thomas Aquinas Dunne (Tad) –
(this is how Tad answered the phone at the Parkside house in Detroit)
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